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Our Corporate Finance Practice offers a comprehensive range of financing solutions and transaction execution functions for either buy-side or sell-side

We serve businesses, and their major shareholders, across a wide range of sectors and also infrastructure and power projects seeking to:-

On sell-side
  • Raise investment capital
  • Attract strategic partners and investors
  • Exit through trade sale / M&A, IPO
  • Rationalise operations or raise capital through disposal of non-core assets
On buy-side
  • Expand inorganically by acquisition, merger, joint venture, strategic partnership or technical collaboration - usually cross-border, one party in Asia, the other outside of the region

Our Strategic Advisory Practice provides advice on a longer-term financing strategy, transaction structuring as well as management and operational support where needed.

We advise businesses that are:-

  • Contemplating a multi-phase financing or recapitalisation exercise
  • Needing to undergo fundamental change in their financial, corporate, management or operational structure
  • Wanting to enhance investor appeal and corporate / shareholder value
  • Planning to expand by acquisition

Our Investor Support Practice works with offshore funds investing in SE Asia and India

We act for Hedge Funds, Buy-out, PE, VC Funds and SWFs, including:-

  • Non-resident or offshore investors seeking to invest in or are already invested in the Asia-Pacific region. Our coverage extends from India in the west to China in the north-east and Australia in the south-east
  • We also work with parties seeking co-investment with other funds or corporates, and with secondaries acquiring from other funds

Our International Business Partnering & Representation Practice offers one-stop-shop on-the-ground support and assistance to overseas businesses seeking to expand into the Asia-Pacific region.

Our clients are overseas companies that see the region as a major unrealised opportunity, and:-

  • Prefer to minimise their resource and financial outlays until they have achieved a critical mass
  • Seek a marketing presence, or plan to set up a production facility, license their technology or outsource critical work
  • Wish to enhance their awareness among the broader local investment and business communities.
  • Typically are in industries that are seeing large unmet local demand in Asia-Pacific – include healthcare, biotechnology, media & creative, “clean & green” industries, energy, agribusiness and natural resources